Youth and the future of aviation and cosmonautics

About the contest

The contest “Youth and the future of aviation and cosmonautics” was conducted in 2009. This contest was realized as an independent scientific event covering young scientists and specialists of aerospace and other high technology industries and was hold in All-Russia Exhibition Center in a form of a forum. In the forum program in addition to contest program as the basic part of the event also were conducted meetings with legendary people of the industry, round tables and master classes, exhibitions, competitions and special programs for the youngest participants – scholars. For theme during several years was organized special scientific and contest program.

Since 2014 the contest has entered the complex of events of the ”Aerospace Science Week” and has become along with the International Conference “Aviation and Cosmonautics” one of the two scientific events creating its strong basis. ASW is conducted on the base of the leading organizer – Moscow Aviation Institute, and the contest fitting the program of the Week also started to be held in MAI. The format and the program of the competition were adapted for the new conditions, but the organizers continue choosing the most effective and comfortable form of conducting the contest and integrating it in the ”Aerospace Science Week”.

The contest is always conducted in two steps. The first step is distant and acts as a selection for the final one which is held in a form of intramural presentations connected with the basic nine contest directions. The authors in front of the experts, delegates from academic and university communities and leading specialists from real design and production sectors represent their projects. The winners get money awards and prizes from organizers and partners. In 2017 the contest was also held in terms of the “Aerospace Science Week”. The results were summed up with the organization community at the day of its conduction on the 21-st of November, 2017.

The money award fond which is formed by the partners of the contest can be called a unique feature of the event: the fond is formed by the firms of aerospace industry and every year it is equal from 700 000 to 1 500 000 rubles.

Control dates

June-July 2018 Invitation to participate
Until September 30, 2018 Registration of applications, presentation of works and projects of contest participants
October 2018 Step I - distant, Examination of competitive works
Until November 5, 2018 Invitations to participants of the second step of the contest
November 20, 2018 Step II of the contest, presentation of the best works and projects, summing up, awarding the winners


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